In Longview, Texas!

Come see us today at our location in Longview, Texas.
1401 Judson Road.

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We're taking the historic area by storm with our uniquely casual and eclectic décor, friendly staff, and down-home menu. We specialize in classic hot or cold, overstuffed sandwiches and wraps, hearty, homemade soups, garden fresh salads, or a combo of your choice. How ‘bout one of our piping hot, Billy Goat Paninis?
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Nanny Goat's Feed Bin

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Nanny Goat's Cafe can help make your next social gathering a smashing success with party platters, casseroles, spreads, dips, and sweets to satisfy any and all palates! Try our ready-to-go casseroles with one of our refreshing and tasty, garden fresh salads with piping hot garlic bread topped off with a slice of homemade pie.
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Our Location

Phone: (903) 653-4801

1401 Judson Road
Longview, Texas


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What's Next For Nanny Goat's Cafe?

As of this summer the Nanny Goat’s crew is slaving away!

Trying to perfect the Longview location, and keep Kilgore running strong!

This fall however we will have a full blown catering branch of Nanny Goat’s for events, large parties,

Thursday March 22, 2012

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Come see us! When you visit Nanny Goat’s for the first time, you might arrive a stranger…but you’ll leave a friend!
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